Power AmplifiersกกกกLow Noise Amplifiers
As usual,our PA/LNA are mostly customized,these pitctures below showing are only partial of our capability. We are very pleased to have customers' specific enquiry and,or,for your convenience,please fill in this Blank Specs Form pdf or Blank Specs Form word and send it to us for our technical evaluation.Thank you!
PA-09).PA module for testing purpose, 0.85-0.96 GHz;
PA-10).PA , 20W, 1.8-2.0GHz ;
PA-11).UMTS PA, 20W, multi-carrier;
PA-12).PA, 0.925-0.960GHz, 150W;
PA-13).WLAN PA, 2.4GHz, 0.5/2W, outdoor/indoor type;
PA-14).GSM Tower Mount Amplifier
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