Taking the lead in front of overseas market from China ,since year 2006 Technologies has especially been concentrated on supplying the western and other developed countries with quality proved RF parts of the best of China,of which the main products are isolator/circulator(both ferrite and waveguide) of frequency ranging from 88MHz~30GHz for applications for both commercial telecom and defense as well. Especially to remind, we have since late 2006 to start to serve the European customers for TETRA demand for isolator/circulator/cavity/duplexer/filter ects,so we are very experienced in this respect as well.
And since 2013 ,we have further been developing in making passive devices like cavity combiner ,filter, hybrid matrix, POI,TMA, tapper, jumper ,etc for mobile network coverage and optimization ,and up till now have exported lot of pcs in OEM/ODM for some big names of western companies in this industry.
What has made Eleading more special is that most of the veteran engineers had been working for the national State RF institutes which are the highest level in China. And another feature of ours that we are really serious for customers own specs own dimensions, we don’t just simply response with our own in-house standard parts which from time to time don not match customer’s individual requirements, so Eleading never have them turned down so soon, we always try our best to satisfy our customers’ specs. We also care about the niche demand which some big companies take no regard.
For more greater and brief knowledge about us ,please go log on our homepage, however, we can’t catch up with fast development to update , and we are not good at presenting in nice view in our website, but we are good at serving our customers ,this is the best strength of us, so the best to know us is to send us enquiry email for details of what we can do for you !!
Our phrase is Sustainability, Reliability and Tracebility .
Thank you !